RA and Meitler Strategic Alliance

Philanthropic Partnership from Planning to Promise

For over 40 years, Ruotolo Associates Inc. (RA) and Meitler have independently served nonprofit clients across the country as mission-driven, impact-oriented partners. We share an unwavering commitment to the people, purpose, and promise of the institutions we are trusted to serve.
In recent years, since becoming partner companies within Collegium, we have introduced the opportunity for clients from one firm to work with the other, crafting seamless transitions from Meitler’s planning to Ruotolo Associates’ philanthropic counsel to amplify and accelerate their progress and impact. Now, in the spirit of innovation, and inspired by the potential of generative partnership – a Collegium core value – we are ready to offer our clients even more.

We are pleased to introduce a strategic alliance between Ruotolo Associates and Meitler, providing clients with a single source for comprehensive counsel from planning to fulfillment.

Organizations that partner with us will find the data-driven innovation of Meitler’s planning paired with RA’s comprehensive philanthropic counsel and search services. This partnership will enhance and enrich our service offerings, providing expanded opportunities within all market segments.
Led by the newly appointed Chief Operating Officer of Ruotolo Associates, Steve Michalek, and the recently named Managing Director of Meitler, Angela Gunderson, joint offerings – from counsel to speaking engagements, webinars, and white papers – will include the nationally recognized expertise of both firms.
This generative partnership brings together all the experience of our history with the vision and innovation to lead nonprofits into a promising future.