Tools, Tactics, and Resources

Opting for Opportunity

Stewarding a nonprofit organization in this changing landscape requires a deft hand to shift the lens from challenge to opportunity. Now is the time to move forward with thoughtful outreach to strengthen relationships and ensure sustained support.

Working with our partners, we are stretching the bounds of best practice and crafting creative strategies to emerge enriched.

Inspired by our clients in this past year, we will continue to create and share resources, insights, and expertise along with feature stories of client resilience and renewal.


New Strategic Services


Custom Seminars and Training Opportunities

Ruotolo Associates (RA) is uniquely poised to help your nonprofit organization emerge into a new era. Our experienced team has designed the following virtual opportunitiesto prepare you and your team for strategic growth.


For Institutional Leaders

Our Chair and CEO, George C. Ruotolo, Jr. CFRE, offers reflections on recent challenges for leaders.

A Call to Lead

Strengthening Your Teams

Leading with Purpose


Executive Chats

In this video series we are sharing candid conversations with industry and institutional leaders reflecting on challenge and growth opportunities.

RA Webinars & Resources

RA has gone digital with our presentation and workshop skills sharing best practices and new strategies to leverage opportunities to advance your mission.

Complimentary Coach and Counsel Sessions

Ruotolo Associates (RA) is pleased to offer 30-minute complimentary calls with members of our Executive Team. Whether you have a specific issue to address or are looking for a point of reference for your strategy, these calls afford you an objective check-in on your progress.

RA also has two Certified Professional Coaches (CPC) on staff. Our ongoing challenges of finding balance, managing time, and communicating clearly, continue to evolve and stretch our capacity. Our 30-minute complimentary sessions give you the opportunity to identify and explore strategies to help you reset and renew.

Coach Connection - Reframing