Catholic Nonprofit Chief Executive Officer – Our Lady of Victory Homes of Charity (Lackawanna, NY)

About Us

Our Lady of Victory Homes of Charity is a religious not-for-profit corporation whose mission includes promoting devotion to Our Lady of Victory and supporting the organizations founded by Father Nelson Baker, the Superintendent and Pastor of the OLV institutions and Our Lady of Victory National Shrine beginning in 1882 until his death in 1936. On January 14, 2011, Pope Benedict XVI named him Venerable Nelson Baker. Those connected to his cause remain in close contact with Vatican officials and believe that someday soon Father Baker will be named Blessed.

The Homes of Charity works to fulfill its mission through its fundraising efforts and provision of support services. The Homes’ fundraising efforts involve multiple channels, such as direct mail solicitations, donor visits, fundraising events, major gift fundraising, planned gifts, charitable gift annuities, and other giving vehicles. As a result of its fundraising and other financial activities, the Homes is able to provide significant financial support to the other organizations under the OLV umbrella, including Baker Victory Services with their programs for children and adults with disabilities, and families in need; and to Our Lady of Victory National Shrine and Basilica.

The Homes of Charity’s provision of support services to Baker Victory Services, and to Our Lady of Victory National Shrine and elementary school, includes Information Technology, HVAC and maintenance, public relations and financial services, including payroll. The Homes also provides maintenance and HVAC services to several external Catholic entities, such as the Catholic Health System, Catholic Charities and several local parishes.

The annual operating budget for the Homes of Charity is $8.1 million, including all fundraising, support services and support grants.


Position Summary

The role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is that of the highest level leader of the organization’s operations, responsible for the full range of strategic and operational activities of Homes of Charity. The CEO must demonstrate leadership through communications, fiduciary oversight, use of management information systems, policy implementation, and anticipation and response to the external environment. The CEO is the public face of the organization and must maintain partnerships with relevant Catholic, corporate, civic and other organizations to advance the mission of the Homes.

In addition, the CEO works with the board of directors to set strategic goals based on key policy elements and vital issues. The CEO leads senior level staff, supervises direct reports, and exhibits an entrepreneurial spirit that inspires creative approaches to advancing the HOC mission. The CEO collaborates with senior level staff, especially with the Chief Financial Officer, to ensure the organization’s fiscal and corporate integrity and to oversee the annual budgeting process, portfolio management, accounting practices, and vigilant compliance with regulatory requirements, particularly in reference to Federal and State laws and regulations related to nonprofit governance and operations.

The CEO must be persistently aware of up-to-date risk management methods and protocols to prevent cybercrimes and other forms of fraud and malfeasance.  Regular involvement and interaction with the Investment & Finance and Audit Committees, and effective implementation of their recommendations, are required.

Another critical area is that of operational and talent management. The CEO will build and maintain a strong team exhibiting a productive and financially responsible, mission-driven culture. Importantly, the CEO will effectively manage and grow the support services business portfolio. Besides ensuring sound talent management practices, such as maintaining clear roles and responsibilities as well as performance reviews, the CEO will work with the board chair to assess board members’ performance.

Owing to the demands on HOC for sound and dependable financial support to the OLV sister organizations, the CEO must maintain a strong track record in multiple facets of resource generation, management and stewardship.

The CEO reports to the HOC board of directors and reports as required to the Our Lady of Victory Institutions, Inc. (the Member) board of directors. The successful candidate will, among other criteria, be a member of the Roman Catholic Church with a commitment to the Catholic values inherent in the mission of the Homes of Charity. The candidate must also possess a minimum of five (5) years senior level/executive management experience. This must include accountability for financial oversight, senior staff performance, and strategic plan development and implementation. A Master’s Degree in a relevant field is preferred for this position; equivalent professional experience will be considered.


Key Responsibilities

  • Executive and Team Leadership
  • Board Collaboration
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Risk Management
  • Internal and External Communications
  • Financial Resource Development and Stewardship
  • Operational Management
  • Talent Management


Key Skills and Experiences

  • Demonstrated achievements in an organization of similar size and scope
  • Interaction and collaboration with boards of directors
  • Mastery of governance and regulatory issues
  • Management and collaboration with senior staff, including coaching and development of organizational capacity
  • Demonstrated ability to evaluate external factors and organizational imperatives to develop and implement strategic plans
  • Strong record of internal/external communications including brand positioning, stewardship and reputation management; issue and organizational advocacy
  • Familiarity with Catholic philanthropic culture and institutional advancement best practices; ability to manage multi-faceted fundraising programs successfully
  • Financial literacy and management, including a working understanding of investments; competence managing multiple revenue streams and complex budgets
  • Entrepreneurship in developing and promoting new services relevant to mission
  • Achieve and sustain internal collaborations among all staff levels
  • Critical thinking with strong analytic and decision-making ability
  • Energetic, persistent and resilient
  • Socially engaging and ability to generate trust and loyalty among co-workers, colleagues and organizational stakeholders

Interested candidates can submit cover letter and resume to: